Women in Management Awards

Being a corporate athlete at work-2019

“Women Top 50”, the brand that succeeded as a Global Brand representing Sri Lankan women internationally recognized more than 500 successful women leaders for the past 8 years. These elite women proudly cleared the obstacles presented on the path to success by setting examples in careers, businesses and social work.

We commemorate the success of Sri Lankan Women every year by selecting few prominent “Top 50 WIM Awards” winners and share their motivational stories of the success beyond formal forums and programmes. This desire is not just about inspiring women to step up as leaders, but also about encouraging women to use their voices and share their stories.

Last year, at the Top 50 Women Conference, we had 300 participants who eagerly wanted a 2nd conference. Hence, this year, we hope to have more participants this year compared to last year.

Be empowered and inspired by incredible public and private sector leaders as they address women’s and men’s role as innovators and disruptors, accountability in decision making, facilitating flexibility while maintaining productivity and profit and creating equality of opportunity in modern businesses.