Women in Management Awards

4th New Generation Awards 2023

Daring to Differ

About the organization

WIM New Generation Chapter, is a part of the Global Brand of Women in Management, with a strong commitment to supporting and empowering the youth in our community.

New Generation Awards

New Generation Awards organized by New Generation Chapter in partnership with National Youth Service Council Sri Lanka for the fourth consecutive year, a significant event that celebrates and recognizes the achievements and potential of the talented young individuals who are making a positive impact.

The Date of the New Generation Awards 2023

The New Generation Award Ceremony will be held on 3rd October 2023 from 5.30 p.m. onwards at the Galle Face Hotel Colombo.

The Panel of Judges - 2023

Mr. Pasindu Guneratne

Chairman NYSC

Prof. Ravi Dissanayake

Department of Marketing Management University of Kelaniya

Mr. Sudarshana Gunawardana

Chairman ITN

Dr. Yashoda Velananda

YWayz, Founder / CEO, Inexis Consulting, Director

Mr. Rohan Maskorala

CEO Shippers Academy

Ms. Zahara Ansary

Country Manager, AICPA & CIMA

Ms. Thamari Senanyake

Director Public Affairs, Communication & Sustainability, Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd.

Awards Categories

1. Student of the year (Male/female)

This award recognizes a young student who is an exceptional learner and has demonstrated a positive impact on their own professional development, extra-curricular activities and academic studies through effective application of the theory they’ve learned.

2. Innovator of the year

This award recognizes a young person who has a creative and groundbreaking innovative idea that can be used to inspire others.

3. Young STEM Personality of the year

This award recognizes the outstanding achievements of a young individual who has exhibited excellence in STEAM innovation or communication.

4. Campaigner of the year

This award recognises an individual who has given young people a louder voice in society and raised awareness of young people’s challenges and issues. Working to empower young people to create positive change.

5. Young Leader of the year

This award recognises a young leader who has made a significant difference and brought positive change, working with vision and inspiring others.

6. Entrepreneur of the year

This award recognizes a young entrepreneur who has achieved a level of business success beyond their years. They will have demonstrated entrepreneurial initiative taking advantage of opportunities and will continue to inspire others to follow their lead.

7. Sportsperson of the year (Male/Female)

The award recognizes an individual who is making positive contributions to the sports community through personal achievement, leadership or service.

8. Inspirational personality of the year

This award recognises an individual who has experienced significant personal achievement and overcomes personal barriers to grow and develop and become an inspiration for others. They may also be a volunteer or an engaged member of the community.

9. Outstanding Contribution to the community

This award recognises a young person or organisation who has made an exceptional contribution to their community or has positively impacted the lives of others by taking on social action, giving back or making a difference in a significant way.

10. Arts & Culture Award

The award is presented to a young person who has made the most positive impact on their community using art. A nominee must show creative flair in communicating their message and good practice in their work.

11. Youth Activist of the year

This award recognises a passionate young selfless individual who raises awareness and promotes social or environmental change to make a difference in their community.

12. Youth Project of the year

This award recognises an organisation that works with youth to promote a positive impact on their community.

13. Outstanding contribution young people award

This award recognises the achievements of an individual or organisation who works with young people, be that a youth worker, volunteer, staff member, or supporter. We want to hear about individuals who have dedicated themselves to helping young people thrive, and inspirational stories of supporting others.

14. Inclusivity Award

This award recognises a young person or organisation who works tirelessly to make others feel safe and included in their community. Someone who has worked to eliminate discrimination and ensure minorities are not excluded from the community.

15. Young Influencer of the year

This award recognizes the achievements of a young person who has used a creative medium such as social media, vlogging, podcasts and TV radio to be a positive role model and enhance the lives of others.

16. Young Artist of the year

This award celebrates exceptional young talent in any form of instrumental or vocal music. We want to give credit to our talented young artists for their creativity and dedication and be an aspiration for others.

17. The Wellbeing Award

The award recognizes organisations and individuals who take great care to promote the wellbeing of children and young people, as well as ensuring that families can stay together.

18. Most outstanding undergraduate of the year (Male/Female)

This award recognizes a young student who is an exceptional learner and has demonstrated a positive impact on their own professional development, extra-curricular activities and academic studies through effective application of the theory they’ve learned.

19. Most promising Rising Start in in Employment (Male/Female)

This award recognises an individual who is starting out or excelling in their chosen career, is making a valuable contribution to their employer/work experience/ internship/ apprentice and is achieving above and beyond expectations at a young age.

20. Techno entrepreneur of the year

This award will recognizes an individual who has ideas and developments that will drive the economy through innovation, technology and creativity.

21. Startup of the year

Outstanding startups that are building innovative products, solutions, or scalable enterprises with high potential to generate employment, create wealth and above all demonstrate measurable social impact.

22. Youth Agriculture leader of the year

Outstanding achievements in agriculture, forestry, fisheries or related industries for a developing area, and who show great promise.

23. Youth professional of the year

This award is conferred upon a young professional, who through excellent professional qualification practice, upholds, the standards of his or her professionals. (Eg: Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors etc.,)

24. Youth Travel & Hospitality Award

This award recognises youth who works in travel, tourism and hospitality industry and provides outstanding travel experience for travelers. (Aviation, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Travel Bloggers, Tourism promoters, tour operators etc.,)

25. Corporate award for Internship and Extraordinary experience

This award recognize organizations that has provided opportunities to gain experience and facilitated for internships.

New Generation Award Nominations for year 2023

Important Notes

Before you click the Nomination form read the details and click agree to proceed to the nominations

  1. The Nominee is in the age group between 15 to 30 years.
  2. If the nominee is below 18 years of age and nominating for the school category a letter signed by the school principal should be submitted along with the Nomination form.
  3. If the nominee is an immediate past award (2022) winner he/she is not eligible to apply.
  4. Nomination for the employment or corporate category the nominee should receive a prior approval letter from the HR department and submit along with the Nomination Form.
  5. Nominee can only nominate for 3 categories. Nominating more than 3 categories will automatically disqualify the nomination.
  6. The information nominee fills or submit should be honest, accurate, and validated accordingly.
  7. If the Panel of Judges informed prior or after the awards that the nominee has submitted inaccurate or false information the organizing committee has the right to revoke the award.
  8. The Nominee cannot question or misuse information about the New Generation Awards to criticize the Panel of Judges decision, the organizers not a winner incase if won neither if you did not win.
  9. No hand written, scanned or photocopied applications are accepted. Only E mails with relevant documents.
  10. Only the winners will be informed.