Women in Management Awards

WIM Top50 Global Awards 2022

The History

  • Women in Management Incorporated in Sri Lanka in year 2009 as the first private sector service providing professional women organization, opened its membership in 2010 with an objective of providing a networking platform for women to realize their dreams and mentor women who have less opportunities to be successful in their personal, career and business lives.
  • Top50 Awards was launched in year 2011, with 25 women and five awards
  • It has evolved into an annual event and more than 520 women have been celebrated for various achievements over the past decade
  • The History of International Partners –International Finance Corporation (Member of the World Bank (Since 20115) Australian Government (Since 2017)

Specifically, the award aims to:

  • Recognize women who excel in their careers, businesses and everyday life while inspiring others
  • Recognize and highlight men who have committed towards gender equality & diversity
  • Appreciate and encourage legislative, public and private executive authorities, civil society for their contribution towards gender equality, diversity, social responsibilities, climate and environment actions and good governance
  • Show appreciation to institutional and individual efforts, initiatives and projects that target mainstreaming diversity.

Nomination requirement

Anyone may submit a nomination (Self nominations or nominate another) for the Top50 Awards with the candidate’s permission. Nominations must clearly document why the candidate should be considered, above all others, for this distinguished award. All nominations must contain sufficient information highlighting the individual and corporate achievements of individuals. Each nomination submitted must adhere to the following outline and page counts.



Nominations for the Award will open from 12th March 2022 to 30th April 2022 and Applicants will be required to highlight the impact they have made, their strategic approach, the how, what and overall impact and sustainability.

Applications will be reviewed by a global panel of judges, who will assess applicants against the award criteria

The winners will be announced by a written letter from Women in Management.

For more information, please visit www.womeninmanagementawards.org


There is no nomination fee for the application. You can nominate yourself or another selecting 1 – 3 categories only. The Judges at their sole discretion also have the right to select you for a suitable category which you may not have selected considering your profile suitability.

Please note if you are selected as a winner you are requested to attend the Award Ceremony in Dubai to receive the Award. There is no fee for the Award however  there will be a ticket fees for the ceremony, Dinner, Photographs and PR.

If a corporate applies kindly note your nomination details will be shared with Global Equality Standards who will be assisting Women in Management to evaluate the application in line with the Criteria.

Application Top Tips

Award Categories

Career Award Categories


Holding a job title, description or leadership position in any business sector – may it be private, government or non-government – are encouraged to apply for the categories above:

  1. Advertising & PR
  2. Arts & Entertainment Industry
  3. Aviation
  4. Banking Industry (Banking Professionals)
  5. Construction
  6. Education
  7. Human Resources (HRM, HRD & IR)
  8. Finance Services (Finance Professionals, Auditors, Insurance services, Stockbrokers & Leasing)
  9. Legal
  10. Media Electronic -TV Anchor of the year
  11. Supply Chain & Logistics
  12. Hospitality Industry (Careers in Tourism, Food & Beverage, Travel, Transport, Meetings & Events, Entertainments & Attractions)
  13. Information Technology
  14. Health Care
  15. Sports
  16. Food Processing
  17. Engineering
  18. Publishing
  19. Fashion Designing
  20. Real Estate
  21. Media – Print Journalist of the Year
  22. Marketing
  23. Media – Digital Social Media Influencer of the Year

Professional Award Categories


Corporates can nominate their Top women leadership (Chairperson, Managing Director, Chief Executive officer, or Board Director)

  1. Corporate Leader of the Year
  2. Business Woman of the year
  3. Woman Board Director of the year
  4. Career Role Model of the Year
  5. Business Role Model of the Year
  6. Male Champion of Change
  7. Social Change Make of the Year
  8. Inspirational Woman of the year
  9. Game Changer of the year
  10. Young emerging Woman Leader of the year
  11. Trail Blazer
  12. Women Politician of the year
  13. Women Activist of the year
  14. Politics / Political leadership
  15. Transgender /LGBTQ achiever award or changemaker award

Business Award Categories


For the entrepreneur category, you will need to be operating your business for at least 12 months as of close of entries.

  1. Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur (Large)
  2. Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur (Medium)
  3. Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur (Small)
  4. Social Entrepreneurship Award



Select the category you wish to nominate your company and then fill the required information as per the category. Each category requires separate information.

  1. Best diversity and inclusive Board of the Year
  2. Best Organizational Culture Award (Gender Equal, Inclusive, and Respectful workplace)
  3. Organization Resilience Award
  4. Positive Media Campaign promoting Gender Diversity by an organization or media company
  5. Positive Media Campaign on Women Empowerment by an organization or media company
  6. Excellence in Corporate Responsibility
  7. NGO/INGO or Association fostering Women’s Empowerment
  8. Industry/Corporate Disability Imitative Award
  9. Award for excellence in Recycling & Waste Management
  10. Best Climate and Environment Project Award

Panel of Judges