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Santosh Menon

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Santosh Menon is a marketing communications specialist with over 20 years experience managing and building brands in India, Mauritius, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

In his 15 year tenure in Sri Lanka, he is responsible for nurturing and developing many household brands. He is an active member in the
corporate industry being a member of International Chamber of Commerce ( ICC), Ceylon Chamber of commerce and the Indian CEO forum.

Recently he was in the judging panel of the ‘ most admired company of Sri Lanka ‘ awards organized jointly by CIMA and ICC.

And he was a judge at the ‘ Top 50 career women awards’ organized by Women in Management ( WIM) Sri Lanka.

As an entrepreneur in advertising , he is also a regular columnist on marketing communications for Daily financial times. As a professional turned businessman , he offers insights on both aspects being an employer as well as employee .

Santosh Menon started his career in Mumbai in Leo Burnett advertising and was with JWT and then FCB (all global advertising companies)

He set up BBDO LANKA in Sri Lanka in 2011 and   subsequently FCB kl.lk of which he is the chairman and CEO. Santosh has created
and nurtured many household brands in Sri Lanka and is known for what he did for Ratthi- Mrs Perera and Newdale- Chandi Bundi
As someone who has a host of interests- he runs a YouTube channel called  gymsutra focussed on movement practices, and is an active
instagrammer with an interest in photography content. He regularly does podcasts and audio chats, besides having done a TedX
presentation on advertising in Mauritius , Santosh is an avid traveller and an  unofficial evangelist of Sri Lanka as a great destination.

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