Women in Management Awards

New Generation Awards (NG Awards) 2020

“Leaders of Tomorrow”


Sri Lanka today is on a powerful mission to champion Sri Lankan economy. The Next Generational Awards aim to shine a spotlight on the next generation of ground-breaking young leadership.

Considered Sectors

Careers, entrepreneurship, sports, social service, innovation, Talents, Music and Dancing, Art and creative science Social Media, etc.,

Age Group

16 to 30 years

Date of the Awards

8th December 2020

Nomination Opens

1st August to 15th September 2020

Panel of Judges

Teshara Jayasinghe

Theshara Jayasinghe

National Youth Service Council
Judges Chair

Varuni Amunugama Fernando

Managing Director
Triad Advertising Limited and
the national TV channel Derana

Dinesh Weerakkody

Chairman ICC and Director HNB

lopa rahaman

Lopa Rahman

Corporate Governance Officer
International Finance Corporation
a member of World Bank Group

shehara de silva

Shehara De Silva

Non Executive Director
Keells Food Private Limited

Gowri Rajan

Director Sun Match Group

Indira Samarasinghe - PC

Principal Law College

Awards Categories

  1. Education

              Best School Prefect of the year

  1. Sports

            “Young sports man” & “Young sports woman” on national and international sports

  1. Media

            New generation Awards recognizes the contribution of your media practitioners to the “engendering of a positive youth culture”. There are three media awards,

  • Young Media Practitioner
  • Young Journalist
  • Youth friendly Social Media house
  1. Agriculture

            Two Awards,

  • “Young Farmer of the Year Award” & “Young Agro-processor”
  1. Arts, Music, Dancing & Theater

            One Award

  1. Tourism Award

            Two Awards, “Service Award” services related to tourism and “Management Award” Career category

  1. Entrepreneurship

            This award recognizes the achievement of a young entrepreneur.

  1. Community Service

            Two awards are issued in this category -Individual & Youth Group. This award recognizes the contribution of the individual youth and youth groups to the development of their communities.

  1. Young Professional

            This award is conferred upon a young professional, who through excellent professional practice upholds the standards of his or her profession. Nominations are invited from the business sector and all professional organizations and associations ( e.g. Bar Association, Medical Association, Teachers Association Underwriters Association, Architect and Engineers Associations)

  1. Young Corporate Leader

            This award recognizes the contribution of the business community. There are two awards “Young corporate career woman” and “Young Corporate Career Man” who has excelled in their careers.

  1. Young Pioneer Award

            This Award goes to a young person/group who is breaking new grounds in areas such a film; information technology, manufacturing; etc.

  1. Young Activist

            This is awarded to a young person who has mobilized community support and action around some issue they felt strongly about.

  1. Judges Award

            This award is awarded by Judges according to their willingness and recommendations.


About Women in Management – Since 2010………..

Women in Management (WIM) works to empower Sri Lankan Career women and women entrepreneurs by connecting and bonding them by providing leadership and guidance in nurturing their knowledge and skills and inspiring them to achieve their goals and to act as conduits to the transformation of the role of women in career and business into a dynamic force.


Our Vision is to empower Sri Lankan career women and women entrepreneurs by Providing leadership and guidance to nurture their knowledge and skills to achieve their goals

 Inspiring them to act as a conduit to the transformation of the role of women in career and business into a dynamic and economically empowered force and as a major contributor to the economy

 Connecting and bonding them by providing a platform in networking to be united and uplift each other.

About WIM Awards

Launched in March 2011 by WIM, ‘The Professional & Career Women Awards’ celebrates the achievements of remarkable women who inspire those around them – either through the media, through their astounding achievements in their careers, businesses and everyday lives. The annual event is an uplifting and emotional award ceremony where women are celebrated equally in one room




About National Youth Council

Existence of a multi talented, discipline and dynamic youth population in a country is always considered a treasure which helps development of the particular country. As such every country gives a special recognition for the country’s youth. Sri Lanka too places utmost importance on the country’s youth to achieve her ambitious development targets in social and economic spheres.

Hence, Youth of Sri Lanka are also having an undertaking for economic and social upliftment of the country. It is important to inculcate self-reliance in youths and directing them towards winning over those goals. The National Youth Services Council in Sri Lanka has been established with the aim of guiding the Sri Lankan youth in the proper direction to enable them to empower themselves to the fullest potential while contributing to nation’s prosperity.

The Youth Services Council was established under the Volunteer National Youth Services Act No. 11 of the year 1967 and was revised by the Act No. 52 of 1968. Over the years, activities of the Youth Council were expanded beyond volunteerism and subsequently the scope was revised again under the Youth Services Council Act No.69 of 1979 giving the status of a fully pledged youth development organization.