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Maryyam Khan is currently the Vice President of the South Asian Women Development Forum (A SAARC Recognized body) – Pakistan Chapter.

As the Vice President, she is the representative of Pakistan in discussions based on the economic issues of women in the SAARC, China and MENA regions. These discussion lead to the development of women SMEs friendly policies. She voices the problem specific to Pakistani women entrepreneurs and thereby strategizes the solutions in terms of business and economical development. Understanding current stats and data available to create feasible solutions and a proper way forward is a major part of this role, skills that she has a tight grasp on. In this role, it is imperative that she have a good command on data analytics, critical thinking, and strategic planning.

She hails from Bahawalpur in Pakistan and has been the President of the Bahawalpur Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2020-21) after being an executive member of this distinguished organization for the past five years. At WCCIB professional consultation is provided to rural women who have small businesses. They are given the guidance, opportunities, and resources to expand their horizons. In this capacity she has led a plethora of USAID projects targeting livestock farming, handicrafts, and other small-scale businesses.

She holds various other prestigious positions in government development forums like being the Chairperson of the Handicrafts Association of Pakistan, a public service entity. This role requires the plans and rejuvenation of Pakistani Handicrafts. During this time, she has establish an ecommerce platform associated with HAP called the Handicraft Store as well as collaborative ventures with a plethora of corporations.

In these diverse leadership roles, she has developed opportunities for women and the youth to enhance their skills, excavate their potential and accentuate their entrepreneurial ideas.

Over a span of 2 years with WomenX (a World Bank platform) she has helped over 200 women incubate their businesses in Lahore, whereas more than 800 women benefitted around Pakistan. Utilizing the platform to its maximum, she guided young women entrepreneurs on how to maximize the resources available to them. In her spare time, she takes interest in silk painting and her work has been sold internationally. She understands the importance of passion and how to channelize one’s passion into a successful venture. Maryyam jointly owns three schools in Bahawalpur (owned by her family for three generations) which have successfully operated for over six decades now.

Maryyam is a teacher by profession. She has taught all age groups – starting from teaching very young learners at Montessori and all the way up to teaching young adults in University; she has
a way to resonate with all kinds of age groups. She knows how to connect with them and talk to them in a way that helps them understand various concepts. Currently her passion for teaching has brought her to the position of Assistant Professor at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University). She is also the Director for the university’s Business School’s Executive Education.

Extending her role of professor as an academic advisor; she has been a counselor of sorts for young adults facing any personal or academic troubles. It has been this ability to connect with the youth of all ages that she has been in positions of strategic decision making for youth centered platforms.

Constantly focused on the future, she has attended and given various talks on the importance of entrepreneurship for the youth of today, technological development and their role in the lives of young adults as well as what the academic and corporate world will look like in 2030 – its impact on the youth as well as the role of technological development.

One of her incredible initiatives for the youth of today, is the industrial to academic linkage she created in “From the Whiteboard to the Corporate world” module – bridging the gap between the academic world and the corporate world by sending groups of students to learn about subject like Sales from MNCs like Pepsi, Nestle, ATCO, Shell etc.

In a nutshell, Maryyam Khan is a business owner, business consultant, Professor, Youth Leadership Advocate, ex- Vice President HAP, current President of the Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry Bahawalpur, and the current Vice President of the South Asian Women Development Forum Pakistan Chapter. Her vast experience that spans over two decades, has given her top-notch positions in various corporate and nonprofit organizations. She is a professional with over 20 years of experience. Securing positions like Project Director, Director of Academics, GM Trainings & Head of Strategy in renowned institutions and organizations in the country, she has the right knowledge and skills required to help new ventures thrive. Also having represented Pakistan on an international level multiple times, she is well equipped with the exposure needed to plan and execute strategy according to the surrounding environments

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