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Dr. Edna

H.E. Dr. Edna Joyce Santos

H.E. Dr. Edna Joyce Santos is presently the Headof the Department of Ophthalmology at Union Medical and Dental Center in Ras AL Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. She is currently Chair person and M.D. of Intratribal Healthcare at Sirach Health & Wellness Ministry in Tucson, Arizona.H.E. Dr. Edna Joyce Santos is an accomplished and dedicated ophthalmologist for the past 29 years. She pioneered the establishment of the Southern Tagalog Society of Ophthalmology where she received numerous citations and awards for various eye missions during her term as President. She is a Psychologist at Sirach Health & Wellness, also an active student of the Ancient Laws of Life, ever seeking, ever evolving. HE Dr. Edna Joyce Santos She was also the Past President of the Philippine Medical Women’s Association, Lucena-Quezon Chapter for four years.

She has published a book entitled “Are You Crazy?”. She also co-authored a book with Jack Canfield entitled “Success Mastery”. Both are available in Amazon. She has 2 new books ready to be launched, entitled “Dearly Beloved” and “Sohni”, a biography of Wolfgang Christoph, life coach. She is an international reviewer for various journals in ophthalmology including the Journal of Ocular Therapeutics and Pharmacology. She is official mandate and brand Ambassador for the UAE, Middle East, Africa and Asia for various corporations. Dr. Joyce is involved in humanitarian projects as Global Good will Ambassador and is the project fund coordinator for the ICT and Coding Initiatives for Africa and Adult Literacy Program in Africa. She is also into a lot of research and is very supportive of the new tele-ophthalmology project and Bulbi Web which she has integrated in her clinic, the first ever disruptive technology of its kind in the world in the field of Ophthalmology. She is collaborating with Dr. James Socks in bringing the research on bioengineered Cornea to the UAE as well.2021 and going forward HE Dr. Edna Joyce Santos has been appointed as the Ambassador of Islamic Affairs& State additionally appointed as Senior Advisor to the Royal Crown Council Antiquities Imperial Kingdom Nation of YHWH-Tribe of YHDH/YQN.

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