Women in Management Awards

Dr. Edita Tahiri

Leader of the independence of Kosovo. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo. Chief Peace Negotiator

International Consultant on Peace building and Post conflict Transitions

Edita Tahiri is a leader of the independence of Kosovo. She is a key founder and leader of the movement for independence of Kosovo. She was for ten years the Minister of Foreign Affairs of of Kosovo in hard times of liberation of her country (1989-1999), gaining successfully international support and recognition for Kosovo’s independence.

She was the Deputy Prime minister of Kosovo and also Minister of Dialogue, Minister of Public Administration and Member of Parliament in five terms.

Edita Tahiriis recognized as the only women peace negotiator in the Balkans participating in the formal peace processes such as the Rambouillet Peace Conference in 1999, which ended 10 years of war in Kosovo and opened the door to its freedom and independence in 1999. Thanks to US and NATO intervention.

Her long-standing career as a leader, politician, diplomat, and peace negotiator has established her as a prominent leading peacemaker and peacebuilder, also being chief Negotiator of Kosovo in the EU mediated peace talks on normalization of unneighborly relations with former enemy Serbia.

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