Women in Management Awards

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Application Top Tips

Award Categories


Holding a Job title, description or leadership position in any business sector, Institutes, manufacturing industries in private, government or non-government can apply for this category.

  1. Human Resources
  2. Banking Industry
  3. Finance Management
  4. Marketing & Advertising
  5. Legal
  6. State & Government Sector
  7. Corporate Communication
  8. Media Electronic, Print & Digital
  9. Supply Chain-logistics, Shipping, Ports & Freight
  10. Hospitality Industry
  11. Arts & Creative Science
  12. Defense Force & Civil Security
  13. Sports
  14. Career Achievements (3 Awards where there are no specific Category; e.g. Medical, Engineering & Architecture)
Definition: Professional & Category Awards

Corporate can nominate their Top women leadership (Managing Director, Chief Executive officer, or Board Director) to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd category only and all other categories are not for nominations.

Fifth category is open for young youth age above 20 and below 35 years as at March 2019

International Category is open for Sri Lankans who are holding citizenships in other countries

Professional Category Awards
  1. Corporate Leader of the Year
  2. Business Role Model of the Year
  3. Career Role Model of the year
  4. Male champion of the Year
  5. Young youth leadership Awards
  6. International women leadership awards
  7. Inspirational women of the Year
Special Category
  1. Judges Awards
Organizational Category Awards
  1. Best Women Empowerment Project run by a NGO, INGO & International organization
  2. Best CSR Programme run by a Private Sector for Women Empowerment
  3. Best Private Sector Organization for promoting
  4. Women in Workplace
    Women In board Awards-SLID
Business Awards Category

If entering the Entrepreneur category, you will have been operating your business for at least 12 months as of close of entries

  • Large Category – Number of Employees should be more than 200
  • Medium Category – Number of Employees should be 75 – 150
  • Small Category – Number of Employees should be 15 – 75
  1. Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur (Large)
  2. Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur (Medium)
  3. Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur (Small)
  4. Upcoming Woman Entrepreneur (5 Awards) North, East, South, Western, Central